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Complete Inspection

We conduct a complete inspection of the carpet, pad, and sub floor to determine if the urine is still wet. To ensure an accuracy, a 5-point test is conducted. Additionally, we inspect for other evidence that may indicate the residents had a pet. You receive a detailed report of the carpet, pad, sub floor, and concrete's condition with photographs along with a sample of the urine infested carpet and the results of the pH tests.

With complete documentation from EHS that includes a report, photos and test results, disputes about damage can be resolved immediately, and damages are applied prior to returning deposits. The cost of the inspection can be incorporated in the pet deposit, making in all costs debited from the pet owner. When it comes to those tenants who “didn’t have a pet”, or “always took their pet out”, and whose pet was “house trained”, a complete report with photos and test results usually leaves little to dispute. In the event a tenant should contest our results in court, EHS will appear in court to provide professional support at no cost.

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